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Case Study for PEI GSAR's 2019-2023 Search and Rescue New Initiatives Fund Project

On March 31st, PEI Ground Search and Rescue completed a four-year Public Safety Canada Search and Rescue New Initiatives funded project trialling new technology. With the assistance of ESRI Canada, PEI GSAR developed a web-based mapping application which automatically tracks the locations of its search teams, and allows search planners to plot priority locations to be searched.


Search teams using mobile phones can then view the same map and use their phone’s global positioning system and compass features to easily navigate these locations. Moreover, search teams can upload to the map search evidence such as footprint photos and audio/video of witness statements. This rapid sharing of information allows search planners to quickly process evidence and amend the tasks of nearby teams accordingly, improving the likelihood of success.


Information regarding this pilot project will be shared nationally with other ground search and rescue teams for their consideration. PEI Ground Search and Rescue carried out this project with the support and assistance of Public Safety Canada, ESRI Canada, PEI Public Safety, the RCMP, and Parks Canada. 

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